Web Development

New web technologies pop-up on almost a daily basis, it can be overwhelming for designers who want to incorporate them into their projects because they will have to code them into the site. This can be time consuming if they don't read code and SDKs regularly.

The technologies in the M3:GRAFIX portfolio combined with our proficiency in using them enables us to works with designers to implement these features quickly and easily which frees them up to do what they do!

Please understand that if a system, program or skill set is not listed, it doesn't mean we don't/can't do it. It may be listed in R&D (check the lab section) or we have not had a client request that particular service. If you were to contact us regarding your special project we can provide a free consultation at your convenience.


One of our core services is returning in 2014. Our active promotion of animation stopped in 2005 due to the changing landscape of television advertising. Recent requests for animation have prompted us to see what the market is like for animation. Check our blog for news on our animation services.

Post Production

Editing, compositing, and finishing are all part of producing animation. Our equipment is capable of editing footage up to 4K. We can resize transcode, edit or even author DVDs and Blu-Rays if needed.

Contact us about your post-production needs.


It is projected that mobile phones will exceed the world population by 2014. That is around 7.3 billion phones. While mobile and responsive websites are good for most situations. There are times when native mobile applications are the best solution.

Over the past 4 years M3:G has been working on Android app development. This service is preparing to exit the lab phase and will be made available to our clients in 2014.


  • What we use!

    Below you will find some of the software we work with daily. These software packages are open source, open standard and/or freely available.

Web and Interactive Development

Application & Interactive

M3:GRAFIX is focused on programming using Internet technologies that blur the line between the browser and the desktop. Our use of AJAX Techniques, Adobe AIR and PHP/MySQL makes the development and deployment of rich internet/desktop application much more accessible to the masses.

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Design is not logical, but some site design need programming logic. Whether it be an email form, Facebook Connect or Twitter Integration, M3:GRAFIX can handle several types of programming logic on the server and client sides.


M3:GRAFIX can take your Photoshop or PDF Documents and code them into a working site. Let your designers do what they do best and let us deal with the rest.

3rd Party Website Maintenance

M3:GRAFIX's cost effective website maintenance solutions for companies that have frequent updates, but do not have a person on staff with web maintenance experience makes for a more engaging site for its users. Keep your current and potential clients up to date with what is going on in your organization at an affordable rate.


3D Animation

M3:GRAFIX started as an animation studio and has expanded into another areas of media. Our experience with broadcast animation has earn us several awards throughout the years.

Broadcast & Motion Graphics

Add a little something extra to the end of your commercials, bumper, and opens. M3 started in broadcast animation and it is still one of our core services. Affordable commercial end tags can give your commercials that extra polish.

Animated Commercials

Our animation production services are for clients that want something totally different than traditional spots using video. Animation engages your potential customers in ways video cannot. If you really want to say something say it with animation.


DVD Authoring

Our approach to using the DVD is as a presentation tool for awards presentation to sales kits. The use of DVD as a part of sales presentation in place of Power Point allow the sales person to leave it behind without worrying if the potential client has Power Point or the pain of installing software. These presentations can be view in any standard DVD/Blu-Ray player and can be passed along and duplicated as needed.

BD Authoring

Blu-ray is reaching high levels of adoption among consumers as a result M3:GRAFIX is working on rolling out Blu-ray Disc authoring services to our clients.

Interactive Flash Video Markup

Adding interactivity to video using the Adobe Platform. Check out some of the examples in the Lab