Hot Box Next Level Street Food

Wordpress template for a new Food Truck Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Loma Linda Univeristy of Health

Website HTML5 coding of the site's landing page.

Research into Blender

We are taking a serious look into Blender as our main animation tool. We have several test projects planned and we will be posting those as they are completed.

Losing Air

Recently Adobe AIR dropped support for the Linux operating system. Air was marketed as a fully cross-platform run-time boasting Linux support. more>>


We are testing our app servers and are now accepting invitation requests.

M3 visits Google!

Google I/O was one of the hottest technology events of the year. 100,000+ developers and members of the press fought for 5,000 tickets, causing it to sell out in 59 minutes. more>>

Android Ahoy!

We have release our first Android application to the public. Prepare to bore yourselves senseless. Learn more about our simple app Touch Eyes!

Cuz's Commercial

The newest commercial for this area body shop.

JA: Business Hall of Fame

Junior Achievement's 2009 awards presentation honoring two area business leaders

Virginia Tech:Maps & FB Connect

M3 added facebook connect and an interactive map to the Virginia Tech Invent Your Future Website. An open source map engine was used to add the functionality similar to Google Maps.

Revealing the True Honda Cost

We just completed a micro site to help consumers get the true cost of a Honda.

QuD Software Site Launched

We are preparing to release more information about the QuD Project Management Server. Learn more about the project by going to the QuD Software Website