Our Latest Lab Projects

Welcome to the lab section of the site. This area is to help our clients keep up with what we are working as far as emerging technology, so they can stay informed about our capabilities. M3 is more than just graphics, we have evolved into a specialty shop for advertising agencies and small businesses who need niche services usually too expensive to house internally. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the public projects we are working on or would like us to help with some task you are currently stuck with.

node.js and Angular

These two technologies seam to be the latest web technologies that are become more and more prevalent in the industry. These two pieces of tech need to be added to our list of day to day tools.

Lightworks NLE

Adobe has recently move to a subscription based model which we feel is not in the best interest of our shop. At this time we are evaluating editing alternatives to begin our move from Adobe Premiere.


Bb is in the process of evolving like the web itself. Bb is now a web service server base on an API model and is the core of the QuD Application. Get more info at the M3:DEV Wiki

AndroidTM Application Development

Our move to the mobile application space will start with the AndroidTM platform due to the amount of AndriodTM based tablets and phones scheduled to hit the market by the end of 2010. Check back from time to time to see what we have cooking.



M3 is planning on releasing a public version of its internal time tracking software. Check out QuD Project site or follow the the project on Twitter for updates. It is cross platform (Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX) using Adobe's Air technology with a native AndroidTM app soon to come.


Open Source Animation Software

We are attempting to create animation with the open source animation software Blender.


Exploring AndroidTM App Development with a useless app.

This app was used as learning tool for us to get some idea of how the AndroidTM Market works. We feel it is better to try things with an ongoing joke of an app than with our real product. We will be using this app as a test bed for our modile UI development. Touch Eyes will probably be the most complex useless app of all time!

Touch Eyes 1.1.0

Live Wallpaper and App that follows your finger.

The app supports multi-touch eye targeting while the live wallpaper only has support for single touch at the moment. Multi-touch will in the next update.
It is slightly better version than 1.0 but still a useless app. Enjoy!

Upcoming updates

  • v1.1.1 : Custom Color Background & Multi-Touch Live Wallpaper
  • v1.2.0 : Custom Background Image

Touch Eyes 1.5 Preview

Using images as a background and placing eyes on them may be a bit more fun.

Try it!

If you are bored out of your skull, this will make you even more bored!