Getting back to our roots!

Ramping up animation services in 2014

June 13, 2013

M3 was founded as a company specializing in animation. That was over 15 years ago.

After 2005 our focus shifted towards the web, mainly on back-end development. For those who are not familiar with what back-end is, just think of it as a bunch of math and gibberish that make website work.

Web development was and still is lucrative for M3. When compared to animation, the web yields higher profits since it is a straight forward process. Meaning either it works or it doesn't. Animation and design of any type is not that simple, as a result it takes more time.

If you ask a designer of any type to tell you a story about a nightmare client, we all have at least one, 90% of the time it is usually some sort of issue with color, font, picture or something attached to personal taste. Animation is no different and in some cases worse, because you control 100% of the scene and props.

Over the years web development took over as our primary source of revenue. Other than the occasional request for animation here and there, we focused on the web. Now is the time we get back to our animation roots. Check out our blog to keep up with what we are doing.