Losing Air

January 27, 2012
Recently Adobe AIR dropped support for the Linux operating system. Air was marketed as a fully cross-platform run-time boasting Linux support. Since M3 is producing software to manage projects in all industries we need to be on all platforms.

When Adobe AIR formerly named Apollo was announced I made the descision to develop QuD using Adobe Air using "AJAX" as opposed to FLEX. That way the majority of the code could be repurposed for the web app. This would allow for QuD to have desktop application, but a web application as an alternative if AIR was not install on a workstation.

Now that Linux is losing AIR our the descision to use open web standards makes it less of a blow to QuD development. In the interim the QuD Web App will be the only way Linux users will be able to access QuD. If I has decided to use FLEX for development the project would have suffered more. I am searching for another technology that will allow the use of web technologies to create desktop applications on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. There are several out there, but testing needs to be done before any commitment is made. I will also look into using the QuD JAVA libraries developed for the QuD for Android application to create a client for Linux using Java.

Either way development moves on as we creep closer to launch.