Who we are:

M3:GRAFIX is a design and logic studio located in the Roanoke Valley that provides animation and interactive services to small to medium sized businesses. Our experience, attention to detail and personal service in these areas has earned us the trust, loyalty, and support of our clients that goes far beyond any awards although our work has been recognized with a few.


The changing landscape of advertising:

In this on demand world of Smart Phones, Tablets, DVRs(Digital Video Recorders) and internet connected devices, the flexibility to watch a favorite TV show just about anytime you want and being able to personally customize music that suits your unique tastes has no doubt changed the advertising landscape forever. What this means to you is that your business doesn't have to fall behind this curve, M3:GRAFIX can help you with those issues just as we have helped businesses and advertising agencies since 1997 with research and development on their Internet and web related projects. Because we vigorously search out and embrace new and emerging technologies, techniques and practices you can rest assured that you will have the support and tools applied as needed to help your business compete.

Design & logic:

Now, if you're like most people you might be thinking “I know what a design studio is, but what is a logic studio?” Well, we're glad you asked: In the world of the Internet most designers know a lot about design, but lack the necessary knowledge to write website programming logic whether it be front-end (JavaScript what your prospect/customer sees) or back-end (PHP/Java the brains running everything). Sure, they can work their way through using search engines and code snippets to piece something together for you, but sometimes you need a specialist for just peace of mind or for larger projects that are important to your business. M3:GRAFIX can provide you the quality and quantity of this service as a we have done for third party design firms and advertising agencies and with the added benefit of knowing that your design will be retained for future reference.

What we do:

Now, you don't have to seriously look into M3:GRAFIX's core services of animation, web, and post-production services to see what we can do for your business; but, if you were to take a look at the results we've gotten for our clients then what you might find is that you'll probably be glad you did!